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Being authentic

Being authentic is a way not to hurt yourself. Many people think that if they hide whatever of them, they would be protected.
To me that is an illusion. Because it leads to disvalue who you really are and in the end, the soul being hurt.
It is based on hurt feelings, and causes eventually making yourself do things you are not because you believe you have to act like this or that. In the end these things are what create big borders between all of us.
It makes people distort themselves and the more it causes being among people who are not for real themselves.

Many of these behaviours stem from not being taught what to do when we get hurt. To be present for the pain, to let it flow, not to judge and just see, like a wave that crosses your body just letting it flow through you.  Many people do stick with it till the end of days or it gets burried into subconscious where it screws up wherever it would make a difference if we were really healed.

So when you have gone this road, eventually you might feel alone, broken, empty and worse. And that does not necessarily mean, that there are people around you, that do not like the same stuff and that are unable to understand you.
It just means, beeing true to yourself brings you to the right people and makes you leave those people behind, that do not fit to your true Self. It even might affect people and situations you attract and you live with.

People don’t like to be held up a mirror. Once you pick up this road, be conscious to recognize, that more often people act out of a personal lack on basic needs of their soul then you being a stain in their eye.

The day, that never was… – A true story of dreams that became reality

Aynara lives a normal life. Sometimes strange things do happen, but she ignores all this until one day dreams disrupt her life so deep, that she gets torn out of her everyday life…

An incredible journey unfolds with surreal experiences that unhinge beliefs in time and the fabrics of the world we live in. No stone is left where it was and what begins as a search for answers unfolds to be a search for her true self.

This story shows an unusual and authentic view to the world of psychic visions and encounters with spirits in an everyday life.

To be published soon…

Foto: Nadja Berberovic

Cover: The day, that never was… Foto: Nadja Berberovic