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Aynara has been a natural psychic all her life. She has experienced first hand encounters with spirits and paranormal phenomena. While for a long time she was in the dark about the meaning of all this, one day she began researching spiritual phenomena. She has written several Articles on spiritual phenomena and explored problems surrounding mediumship, depression and burnout.

Her aim is to open peoples minds about mediumship and personal struggles that can occur around it. The spiritual world always at her side, she not only explores the spiritual world with her readers in her books and articles. She also shows ways to find the way the heart tells each and everyone of us.

Her paintings are not only an expression of creative mind. Since 2015 she has added some new style to her expressions and lets her drawings get guided in a semi meditative state by spirits as well as and her inner guidance. Any painting of these always have a special force that spread their energy out to the world in their own unique way.