S’ídha Ómara – Soulpaintings


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S’ídha Ómara was a man, that lived a long time ago in a city of the orient. He used the power of manifestation and intention to bind them inside objects. Many people came to him, to get objects crafted by him. Be it for luck, fruitfullness or happyness that was to be added to the soul of the house. He created little boards where he bound specific intentions to. They were little objects people could take with them to put them on walls.Tablet (1)

With his help change could spread in the city and in time the city changed to a flowering oasis of life and happiness. His magic could open doors that would lead people from the desert onto beautiful landscapes.

In my pictures I do similar things. I bring intentions into my pictures that may help to shed some light onto specific affairs. The picture works like a lens that intensifies what the soul is trying to uncover. Images may give force, comfort or peace. The burried messages of a picture do always affect the soul. Without the need to know what the message is and without the need to believe in it or not.
To this day I have used this kind of painting only for personal purpose or for friends and family.
Now I offer to make individual pieces with personal purposes for everybody.
I do always create them in oil on canvas in different sizes. Maximum size would be 100 cm longest side.

Prizes are:
smaller then 40 cm longest side – 100 €
smaller then 100 cm longest side – 150 €

The specific size may be chosen personally.

For ordering just contact Aynara by mail: contact@aynaragarcia.de

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